JewelryGreen - gioielli vivi quasi colti dalla natura

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The ideas of sustainability and well being find room for their expression in the "nearly plucked from nature" plant component used as an as element of design.
The plant world engenders emotion, live emotion, providing others the possibility to engage and focus upon that world, rendering the expressions and gestures of the beholder more natural.

This impression led to the concept of integrating plants and jewelry, of giving plants another sense that does not exclude, but rather reinforces, what we innately perceive as their raison d'être.

The need to take care of what is living, both in natural and artificial environments, is set up as an expressive finality.
In order to be cherished over time, the evocative formula of Our Jewelry requires the participation of the person who wears it; for in order to live, the moss needs water, rain water.

The jewel, in addition to being worn, can assume a further role by hanging it from the ceiling or resting it on a table, therefore becoming a household ornament.
Thus our jewel returns to the original realm of its conception: the idea of making design jewelry incorporating household items - for example a "jewelry-vase" or a "budding jewel" - and, at the same time, reminds us of how much nature and greenery can evoke from our bodies.

Directed by architect Clelia Stincheddu and designer Giulietta Piccioli, the work team assembled under the name of Jewelry Green represents a cultured alternative to design.
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